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new person and rant [Dec. 11th, 2004|10:32 am]


hi all. my name is jillian, 24, got a 11 week old babe named lucien. i love rant communities so i thought id join especially cause everyone seems to think im nuts for APing. and im not sure i get what "idiots" is in the links above. is that sarcastic?

my rant is the "real food" issue.

everyone is like when is he going to eat "real food" - as in solids. hes fucking 2 months old!! yes im breastfeeding, plan on doing it for quite some time. no he doesnt get supplemented. no he really doesnt need a bottle of water every now and then.

and ive noticed that AP parents actually like being with their kids. i take public transportation a lot of places and there are some parents (moms mostly) that pretty much just ignore their kids. i can understand being tired but i dont think i ever have that "someone shoot me" look that i see on other moms. i have to work full time so every second i spend with my boy is precious. i can be utterly exhausted and waiting at a bus stop for 45 minutes but i still smile and dance and talk to him. of course who knows when hes older and more rambunctious. i might have that look too.

[User Picture]From: evergrnterrace
2004-12-12 11:45 pm (UTC)
lol.... i got lucky and my mom always checks with me cuz I parent differently than she does.... I try and tell her all of the new tings I am learning and which ones I want to try out and which ones I am comfortable wiht.... And I think she just ends up confused and decides better to ask, lol.. Though I think its; cute how she tries to keep track of everything I talka bout.... (For example.. I just learned about this E>C> stuff, and so and i have decided to try it.she disagrees with it, but still supports..) And I have been trying to read up on making my own food.. though it had to be put ino persepctive for me, same as EC... Which is why I am gladthat I read more than just one comment on things, lol.. If tat were the case, Iw ould never ever change my ways.. And wold continue parenting the same as all of our parents did....
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