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new person and rant [Dec. 11th, 2004|10:32 am]


hi all. my name is jillian, 24, got a 11 week old babe named lucien. i love rant communities so i thought id join especially cause everyone seems to think im nuts for APing. and im not sure i get what "idiots" is in the links above. is that sarcastic?

my rant is the "real food" issue.

everyone is like when is he going to eat "real food" - as in solids. hes fucking 2 months old!! yes im breastfeeding, plan on doing it for quite some time. no he doesnt get supplemented. no he really doesnt need a bottle of water every now and then.

and ive noticed that AP parents actually like being with their kids. i take public transportation a lot of places and there are some parents (moms mostly) that pretty much just ignore their kids. i can understand being tired but i dont think i ever have that "someone shoot me" look that i see on other moms. i have to work full time so every second i spend with my boy is precious. i can be utterly exhausted and waiting at a bus stop for 45 minutes but i still smile and dance and talk to him. of course who knows when hes older and more rambunctious. i might have that look too.

[User Picture]From: jucifer
2004-12-11 04:31 pm (UTC)
WOW. He's only 11 weeks and they are asking when he's going to have "real food"? *rolls eyes*

I have heard parents giving that "delicious rice cereal" /sarcasm at 3 weeks. *headdesk*

Congrats on BF!! and exclusively BF!. You're a GOOD momma! :)

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