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i just joined [Aug. 8th, 2004|05:28 pm]


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my name is sarah. on the outside i am timid and constantly taking into account the feelings and perspective of others. but on the inside i am raging with the "i hate you, moron" disease. i honestly know everything and i would like to see anyone argue that ;). of course, i don't argue, because i "understand what you're saying. . ."

anyway, enough wit for one paragraph. i am a stay at home mom of the two year old, love of my life Gaige. i support "attachment parenting" and unselfish devotion to shaping him as a human being and whatever else his existence encompasses. i writhe inside at some of the stupid shit that people do and think about child-rearing and dealing with children in general.

my sister in law is pregnant with a boy, and even AFTER i've proven every one of her arguments wrong, and pointed out how circumcision is violent, traumatic, and completely uncalled for (mind you in a very diplomatic and understanding way!) she has stopped emailing me and i'm almost positive she will go through with it because she is a subservient victimized twit and hasn't the capacity to think for herself. basically i am reaching out desparately for support, as i am personally affected by this and i don't know how to handle her stupidity.

anyway i hope i researched the meaning of this community enough to be bringing the right kind of attitude here. if not i can always gracefully reconsider. nice to meet you all.

[User Picture]From: just_here
2004-08-09 03:58 pm (UTC)
Have you asked her:

If the baby was a girl, would you circumcise her? Are you circumcised? Would you want to be circumcised?

I really just lurk in this community (as I don't have any children yet), but I get very heated about circumcision in females AND males. Especially when people don't put gender aside and [they] think having women circumcised is worse. Urg.

Good luck to you, though. Hopefully she'll see the error she's making. Hopefully...

Yet, the more people I talk to about it - the more I see people less willing to put their children through this horrifying and unnecessary procedure. There's hope. You just have to look for it. ^ ^
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[User Picture]From: aughraseye
2004-08-09 04:26 pm (UTC)

believe me. . .

i gave her tons of links to pages on www.mothersagainstcirc.org and www.circumstitions.com. i gave her the whole "the vagina is moist and covered by folds of skin, and if you clean it properly it is clean, just like the natrual penis." she basically told me that i made very valid points but she wasn't much of a debater and "unfortunately, this is another subject that i'm unable to give passionate opinions about."

i have the entire transcripts of our conversations, back and forth. i linked her to the video. i gave her ALL of the information. in my world, all it takes to recognize that it is barbaric and unnecessary is ONE FACT that counters it. that is what i'm hoping too, is that she can't possibly have all of the information and CONSCIOUSLY do it.

so thanks for your feedback, because i am debating whether to continue talking with her about it, but as i did mention, she stopped emailling me. i am trying very hard to convince her, she is my first and i am looking for advice. but mainly support, as i pulled out all of the stops with her and i just wasn't prepared for her to be so lifeless and void that she would just nod and smile. *sigh*
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